PEOPLE : 6 กุญแจสำคัญจากทีมผู้บริหาร BITEC ยึดถือในการทำงาน

PEOPLE : 6 กุญแจสำคัญจากทีมผู้บริหาร BITEC ยึดถือในการทำงาน

From asking 12 high executives in the chill-out atmosphere at BITEC, we have recapitulated 6 powerful keys that BITEC leaders have in common. Let’s discover and take some effective ones to adapt in your work life!

1. Challenge Point of View

Learning different needs from clients, the challenges and difficulties in MICE business
It’s very challenging when you work with clients who are totally different in terms of needs, personalities, ways to approach that it makes you have no time to be bored, but instead always be active to learn how to keep up and use the right strategies to support clients. Those challenges and difficulties will lead into the growth for BITEC’s MICE business, according to Prasarn Bhiraj Buri, CEO of BHIRAJ BURI GROUP.

Ms. Panittha Buri, Managing Director, shares her thought that since BITEC is one of the top venues in Asia which welcomes more than 5 million visitors a year with the holds of various types of events and management, it’s a challenge of how she will find the right team to help her fulfill clients’ needs all along.

Prasarn Bhiraj Buri shares his thought on MICE business

2. Service Mind is the Core

The key characteristic behind the success of BITEC is the ‘service mind’ that more than half of BITEC’s high executives have in common as the core of their productivity. From the beginning that BITEC needs to complete the goal, not only for the company, but also the successful events for clients.

Besides service mind, the human touch needs to be brought into the service. You need to understand how each client has their ways of uniqueness and that the differences need to be treated accordingly as to put yourself in the clients’ shoes until you can serve and respond to those needs professionally and effectively.

3. Live Your Passionate Purpose

The path to daily happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, creativity, good attitude & mindset
The passion, attitude, and mindset play an important role to bring out the fruitful and productive outcome. Because it means the way you see everything as a way to go forwards, especially in the service business that contains daily issues waiting to be resolved.

For Mr. Suthin Tubthim, Department Manager – Operations Engineering, and Mr. Buncha Kongpreechasakul, Department Manager – Property Management, share that it begins with one’s mindset and attitude when you experience a problem at work, you need to have the positive mindset of seeing things as a new path to improve and go another mile with your team. While Ms. Sumalee Noppakao, Assistant General Manager – Production Services, sees that creativity is important for the team in order to be inventive for the business opportunities that can further the passionate purpose to go on and on.

Mr. Alvin Wee Peh Ngee, Business Development Director

4. Ambitious To Learn

Constantly learning, seek for a room to improvement, never give up
To understand the problems and clients’ needs that can always change, having constantly learning is the key to help you gain the knowledge and information to utilize it into serving the needs and improving problems in the proper ways. Mr. Chakkarin Aungpratip, Assistant Director of Sales, says that knowledge has no limitation and especially in the working world, we need to keep on learning.

While we can gain knowledge by learning from many ways, Ms. Chomnada Impring, Department Manager – Marketing, reveals that she learns from the real experience since it will help her see the clear touch points and improve the work even better. Ms. Sumalee also says that learning from the experience and sharing it to the team to grow more are the ways to enhance productivity.

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5. People Matter

Colleague, Leaders, Teamwork, Consolidation
The productivity can also come from people around us from our positive colleague who spread the good vibes to others until it helps enhancing the teamwork, the work itself, and workplace productivity more effective just like Ms. Duangrat Thatsanaprasert, General Manager (Acting) holds it as her productivity key.

The same goes to Mrs. Prapee Buri, Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Preeyapas Boonphermpol, Department Manager – Housekeeping Services, and Mr. Suthin that teamwork and consolidation make a perfect collaboration and understanding between different departments at BITEC until they have better and faster work and surely, the conducive result.

6. Know What You Want and Go For It

Work hard & Work smart, communications and tools, work-life balance, well-planned, take action, and set the goals
It becomes a shortcut for people who have self-awareness, knowing what they want and a way to bring it to their hands. For Mr. Alvin Wee Peh Ngee, Business Development Director, he knows exactly that it’s about the communication, the right tools to work, and healthy work-life balance. Mr. Chakkarin says we all need to, not only work hard, but also work smart by setting the goal and taking action to achieve the milestones.

Similarly, for Ms. Jarupa Yindeemoh, Customer Services Director, the set-goal needs to be aligned for both personal and the entire team in order to strike into the right achievement. While all of the fulfillments cannot happen if you lack the well plans before taking action. The well plan is an effective key to handle everything beforehand and serve the need matching to the impressive experience at BITEC for every client.


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